Medical Advisory Service

Today, consumers of medical services, have access to vast amounts of information via the internet, television and newsprint. Treatments for illnesses are now available which – only a few years ago – were hardly dreamed of. The pace of medical development has increased the number of conditions being treated and the options available.

Equally the providers of care and products, need to understand the mindset of those for whom they provide health solutions. MAS nurses are well placed not only to gather anonymised data on patient populations through the running of bespoke helplines, but also can conduct specialized research that helps health care providers to

One aspect of care has not changed. When consumers/patients are ill and need one to one information and advice, clear explanations of causes and treatments are needed in clear language that can be understood and affect the choices made to achieve recovery. In addition patient always reassurance and time to discuss their problem in their own way. MAS is the human communication connection that links charities, companies, government, the makers of medicines, advocacy organisations, the media, and the public.

Core Services