Research and Data Capture

About This Service

Our nurses carry out surveys and research in the NHS with consumers and in distinct patient groups. Through insightful conversation, guided by professional and ethical guidelines, we are able to provide appropriate background information to guide comms programme. policy strategies and media news hooks.

All projects will need feedback and activity reporting, this can be arranged depending on your needs by our admin team.

  • Charity helplines
  • Patient advice lines
  • Product withdrawal information
  • Adherence and lifestyle information
  • Awareness campaign support
  • Follow-up telephone care
  • Qualitative information gathering

Case Example

There has long been a debate on the pros and cons of using disposable versus terry nappies. Chiefly the environmental impact and convenience factors have raised both practical and moral questions. In order better to understand trends and opinions, a team of MAS nurses rang all the maternity and paediatric centres in the UK to ask their preference. This was then compiled into a report by region and demographic data, to enable informed and balanced information to be presented to the “Mothers’ ” media and provided of clinical services – input from the Environment Agency of their findings was immensely helpful in creating accurate and referencible messaging.

Research and Data capture

Short Term projectsYes
Medium and long term projectsYes
Emergency set up (Within 24 hours)Available


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