Awareness Campaigns

About This Service

Organisation running awareness communications face the need to get helpful and consistent messages to many audiences, Consumers are often confused or unaware of how to seek advice and who it is most helpful to approach. Our nurses help in assessing current consumer knowledge (via 1 to 1 dialogue) evaluating need and advising accordingly- while the internet can give information – it is sometimes not designed to assess more individual needs of the surfer!

New products and services emerge daily – for many reasons it is often preferable that independent information is available re conditions and potential treatments – callers can then be signposted with knowledge to other health care providers for assistance and advice.

Case Example

MAS ran the Proprietary Association of Great Britain (PAGB) – Getting the Best from your OTC Medicines for over a year. There is awareness that people who buy medicines over the counter, sometimes do not use them correctly. This is especially common in medicines for constipation (laxatives) and pain relievers containing codeine.

A specially selected MAS team was trained in the protocol for the line and how reporting on its usage was to be made. In addition, any callers calling with a problem (overuse. Misuse) were offered the option of call back counselling and advice. MAS helped the PAGB to define the way in which calls were taken and which should be referred to other health care professionals. The OTC medicines manufacturers were able to demonstrate a responsible response by funding an independent service to consumers and the MAS nurses were able to use the line to identify callers needing advice and practical guidance.

Awareness Campaigns

Short term projectsYes
Medium and long term projectsYes
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